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BtN Candidate Profile: Billy Phelps /Morgantown Mayor

To The Citizens of Morgantown:
My name is Billy Phelps and I am honored to be a candidate for mayor of Morgantown.  I am a 1984 graduate of Butler County High School and I am the son of the late J.C. and Dorothy Phelps.
I have been married for over 20 years to Dana Phelps (daughter of Pat Lawrence, granddaughter of Hilery “Jim Bat” Johnson).  I have two sons-Jorden and Dakota- both of whom are in college.
I proudly enlisted and served four years in the United States Marine Corps and worked as a military police officer and as a nuclear security specialist.
Three days after getting out of the Marine Corps I was blessed to be hired as a police officer for the City of Morgantown.  I progressed through the ranks of the Morgantown Police Department from officer to sergeant, to captain, and then chief of police. 
As chief of police I wrote all the operating procedures and policies for the Morgantown Police Department.  I also wrote numerous grants, which paid for the salary of an officer, as well as training and equipment for the entire police department.  I received grants in five years valued at over $1 million dollars. 
During my career, I became certified as an advanced law enforcement officer and was elected by other chiefs of police as chairman of the south –central district of the Kentucky Chief Police Association.
I was fortunate to receive many awards and honorable citations throughout my career from the state, as well as the federal government.
I believe that with my many years of experience with state and local government and many contacts with federal and state officials, I will be able to find funding that others may not have access to or the connection to receive.
I have been fortunate enough to work for three different mayors of Morgantown.
I have seen first-hand the good things that can be accomplished by a working government and I have also seen many things that we can do better.
With my administration, I want to do things differently than our governments of the past in Morgantown.  I will keep ALL present city employees.  They are hard-working dedicated individuals.
My campaign slogan reads “Experienced Leader, New Vision, New Direction.” I plan to put that slogan into action once elected.
Under my administration I can promise that by incorporating a commitment to transparency, Morgantown City Hall will be better prepared to establish a helpful attitude when interacting with citizens and prospective businesses.
The backbone of Morgantown has always been small business.  Therefore, cutting the city occupational tax would help to strengthen small businesses and put money back into the pockets of the people.
The Eva J. Hawes building has been priced out of reach for many people in Butler County.  I pledge to lower the requirements so that everyone may have access to use our facilities- not just a chosen few.  There are many other programs and projects that I will be addressing as the campaign moves forward.
Through the years I have served the citizens of Morgantown and Butler County in many ways.  I served on the Morgantown Fire Department as a fire-fighter and fire-fighter instructor.  I served on the Butler County Rescue Squad, Butler County Ambulance Service, and Butler County Little League as a coach and president of the league.  I’m a strong supporter of veterans. I have served in different offices in the American Legion and I’m a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  I started the Walk of Pride, which is now called the Wall of Honor, on the Butler County Courthouse lawn.
I am looking forward to talking to the citizens of Morgantown in the coming months and explaining changes that will be made.
I the past, Morgantown has been a thriving community and it can be again!
The position of mayor is a full-time job, it CANNOT be filled part-time.  I will be at Morgantown City Hall all day- everyday- and my time WILL NOT be divided between different jobs.  Our elected officials must be prepared to work 100% for Morgantown, 100% of the time.
I have no hidden agendas but an open agenda crafted to help improve the quality of life for all of our community and to help all businesses of Morgantown to grow and prosper.
I humbly ask for your vote and support for Mayor of Morgantown on November 4th.
Billy Phelps
Candidate for Mayor of Morgantown

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I can't vote for him because i live in the County . so i will share this on facebook and ask the city people to VOTE FOR THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB . VOTE BILLY PHELPS . I can see good things to come for Morgantown and the County with Billy as our Mayor

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