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Break-In At Morgantown Mission

According to Morgantown Mission Director, Garry McKinney someone broke into the Mission on Sunday, September 23rd.  Workers found the cash register in the floor on Monday morning with the start up money missing.  They gained entry through the back door and exited the building by the side door.  This is the first break-in at the former Save-A-Lot building.  In December of 2011 the Mission was also burglarized  at the Main Street location.  The Morgantown Police Department were notified and the investigation is ongoing.



I found this out yesterday while in the mission, this is the second break-in in less than a month. After viewing the court dockets, it would seem that the Morgantown police could work more at prevention of these types of things rather than giving tickets for 5 miles over the speed limit or not wearing a seat belt. Just saying.
You have to be especially low to steal from the mission.
Looks like someone was afraid there would be a line at the Gates of Hell when they got there. They want the "I stole from the Church Mission" express lane with no waiting.
ALL City, County, State, and Federal inmates should be put to work while in jail. Our factories should be full. All of Morgantown's empty buildings should be full of hard working inmates. That would deter these people from going to jail if they knew they were going to have to work. I know our county does a fabulous job utilizing the jail work crews, but I wish our State Representatives would take a hard look at revitalizing our statewide work force with an already captive base. You can better believe the idiot who committed this crime would think twice about going to jail if it meant hard work instead of TV and three squares a day.

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