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Break-In At Morgantown Mission

According to the Morgantown Police Department thieves broke in to the Morgantown Mission sometime on the night of Friday, December 30th. Officer John Ford said the back door of the Mission was more than likely forced open with a crowbar. The thieves then used the crowbar to break into the Director’s office where they forced open a filing cabinet and stole the Mission’s money bag. Ford said that Director Garry McKinney hasn’t determined exactly how much money was taken, but that it was in excess of $300. Damage was minimal to the outside door but the inside door was heavily damaged as was the filing cabinet.
The investigation is ongoing. Ford declined to comment about suspects. Anyone with any information about the break-in should contact the Morgantown Police Department at 526-2040.



how much lower can you get than to steal from an agency that is doing all it can do to help people if they had needed it that bad Im sure they (the Mission) would have helped them . Im sure the mission will pray for these people as will I .
It is sad that thieves would target an organization like this that is dedicated to giving people in need a helping hand.
They were awfully Bold to steal right in the main Street of Morgantown. How sad people choose this way if life!
That is pathetic. My family and I visit the mission about once a week and the people who run that place are some of the best in the world. I've seen them bend over backwards to help people in need. To think that there is someone so low that they would steal from such kind people makes me sick

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