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Boy Scout Troop 208 on the Water

The Scouts from Troops 208 Morgantown and Troop 597 Edmonson County joined together to earn both their Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting Merit Badges.  The scouts first had to be Safety Afloat Certified and had to pass the Boy Scouts of America Swim Test. 

The weekend of September 18th-20th, the Troops traveled to Nolin Lake to first be instructed about the safety, equipment, and procedures of kayaking.  Next, the scouts received hands-on experience on the water.  While on the water, each Scout had to “Swamp” their kayak (flip his kayak and then turn the kayak upright and get back in the kayak).  After camping the night, the boys did a mile kayaking trip.  One scout, Alex Coleman, did a mile swim in the lake.  This was the Troops’ first water adventure.

The second water trip was to the Ocoee River in Benton, Tennessee.  The weekend of October 3rd-4th, the Scouts had an even bigger adventure.  The Scouts received instruction about Whitewater Rafting safety, equipment, and procedures.  The Scouts and parents were in rafts that held between 5 and 7 people, including the guide.  The rapids faced were Classed from I to IV rapids.

Both water trips were fun and learning experiences.  There was some anxiety felt at each trip; however, every Scout completed all the requirements, earned their badges, and have memories to tell for years to come about their Scouting Adventures together on water.

The Scouts next weekend trip is going to Boondoggle in Ohio County at Fort Hartford to withstand cold night temperatures in November.



Story by Don Elmore, Beech Tree News


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