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Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce releases November Jobs Report

There are currently 6,441 open positions in the 10-county region and 5,514 unemployed. Going out 50 miles from our region, the number of open positions, jumps to more than 53,000. South Central Kentucky’s businesses are suffering. Over the past five years, we have worked diligently to ensure a fully functioning, high performing public workforce system is available to serve their needs. Through the work of the South Central Kentucky Workforce Development Board, we are beginning to see appropriate work take place in our region. We are working in partnership with the new administration to ensure the infrastructure to support a high performing public workforce system is in place. And we are working with our schools to provide our companies with the well-trained talent they need upon graduation and beyond.


Click the link below to view the entire report: 


About the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce: 



The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce is the driving force for South Central Kentucky's Business Community.


We provide valuable services to our partners, advocate a positive business environment and stimulate economic development for South Central Kentucky. 


Values are the standards that influence every aspect of our lives. Values provide the direction to our organization's decisions. In all that we do, let us demonstrate our core values:

Inclusiveness: We embrace behavior and actions that respect and honor the background, diversity and contributions of all in our community.

Integrity: We believe in demonstrating the strength, moral principles, honesty and ethics that warrant the trust of the community.

Leadership: We believe the community can only grow and prosper if we have the courage to be bold in our vision and stand by our convictions.

Service: We value a commitment to service and believe responsibility and duty are imperative to enrich the community.    

710 College Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 | 270-781-3200 | [email protected]


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