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Belmont Christian Academy's Fall Festival

Belmont Christian Academy held their Fall Festival on Thursday at the school.  First, the students were treated to  a free lunch then students from preschool to high school entertained the crowd.  They went through several of their morning songs complete with interpretations.

9-29-11 158Next the group moved to the sanctuary where a very talented group of middle school and high school students performed a variety of skits ranging from the theory of evolution, dangers of gossip, and the parable of the pumpkin to mention a few. Students welcomed the clown to the festival and performed a couple more songs for the crowd.

9-29-11 151The festival continued in the gym where the older students set up and ran games for the younger students.  Games included: a cake walk, face painting, pumpkin rolling, Nerf shooting gallery, corn hole, basketball toss, and a guessing game.  All games were free and each student left with a treat sack. It was a great afternoon at Belmont Christian Academy for students and their families.

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