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Belmont Christian Academy Senior Night

Belmont Christian Academy recognized their basketball and volleyball seniors.Westofn Taylor is the son of Elujah and Angie Taylor.  He has played basketball for six years.  Weston plans to be a Low Voltage Electrican. His favorite memory includes putting a snake in Josh Vanmeter's shoes at convention, playing hide and go seek during volleyball practice until he got in trouble, and saran wrapping Lawsen to a dolley and having to run 12 laps around the school. Weston is thankful for winning varsity and JV championships.


Lathan Scott Coleman is the son of Scott and Salena Coleman and has played basketball for 11 years.  He plans to attend college but is unsure of his major.  His favorite memories are the NACA in 2020, winning state in 2022, and all the other basketball trips. Lathan is thankful for God giving him the ability to play ball, his parents for their support, and all the coaches, trainers, and anyone who has helped throughout his time playing basketball.

James Henry House is the son of Matt and Ashley House and has played basketball for 4 years.  He plans to to pursue a career as either a welder or a crane operator.  His favorite memories is going on the trips for ball and spending time with his friends.  He would like to thank his mom and dad for pushing him to be where he is today.

Natulie Jewelianna Mason is the daughter of Lori and Glenn Mason and has played volleyball for 8 years.  She plans to attend Alice Lloys College as an education major while playing volleyball and running track.  Her favorite memories are when they went to JV state. She was put in the room as the adult and they stayed up really goofing off and making videos and had gotten four calls from the front desk telling us we were too loud.  Shelby fell off the bed and a worker heard us and came up to tell us we needed to be quiet.  Then asked for an adult thankfully Matt Clark was walking by and told her we were with him.  All of us told the worker that a bag fell off the bed all of this happened when we were supposed to be asleep because we played really early the next day.  We did have to run for this when everyone showed up looking tired.


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