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Beech Tree Media accepting donations for storm victims

Aerial view of West Liberty

Although only minor damage was reported in the county from the severe weather systems that moved through the area last week, some towns in Kentucky were not so lucky. As a result of this devastation, Kentucky State Police posts have begun collecting supplies for those affected by the storms and tornadoes that moved through the state. KSP will be accepting donations now through Saturday, March 10. Beech Tree Media, in a way to help in these efforts, will accept donations and deliver those donations to KSP Post 3 in Bowling Green. Bring your donations to the Beech Tree Media office, located at 107 W. Ohio St. in Morgantown, from 8 am to 4 pm now through Friday.

Some of the destruction in Salyersville

West Liberty in Morgan County and Salyersville in Magoffin County were among the hardest hit areas in the state; both cities suffered severe damage as a result of the line of storms tearing through their area. Beech Tree President Diane Dyer and husband Elwood have close ties to Salyersville. Diane lived there for a time and Salyersville is Elwood's hometown.

"Luckily, none of Elwood's family was injured or suffered any major damage to their homes," said Diane.

List of items needed compiled by KSP:
1. Leather gloves
2. Shovels
3. Rakes
4. Thermoses
5. Batteries
6. Flashlights
7. Coffee pots
8. Antibiotic cream
9. Band-aids
10. First aid kits
11. Soap
12. Body wash
13. Bottled hand soap/hand sanitizer
14. Deodorant
15. Feminine products
16. Shampoo/cream rinse
17. Shaving cream/razors
18. Toothbrushes/toothpaste
19. Bath towels/washcloths
20. Baby formula
21. Baby food
22. Baby diapers (all sizes)
23. Baby blankets
24. Bottles
25. Toilet paper
26. Styrofoam cups
27. Cleaning supplies such as bleach, mops, brooms and buckets
28. Laundry detergent
29. Plastic goods (cups and cutlery)
30. Paper goods (plates, napkins, towels and bowls)
31. Disposable gloves (rubber or latex)
32. Trash bags (all sizes)
33. Cat and dog food
34. Plastic containers
35. Blankets
36. Gift cards
37. Bottled water
38. Non-perishable food items


Home church of Elwood's sister, Patty Delong in Johnson County.



We all have been blessed so much by the Lord and should be able to share what we can. This is a great project!

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