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Bears Host First Meet on New Track

A large crowd turned out on Thursday night to watch the BCHS Bears host a home Track and Field meet for the first time in over a decade! The meet, which was held at the high school’s newly renovated track and field facility, was attended by Grayson County and University Heights, but it was the home team that stole the show.

The Bears worked tirelessly in the months leading up to this season, honing their skills and building their endurance. The team’s hard work paid off, coming in 1st in multiple events and winning both the Boys and Girls team competition.

Coach Fuller praised his athletes for their hard work and dedication. “I couldn’t be prouder of these kids,” he said. “They worked tirelessly to prepare for this meet, and their hard work paid off.”

The Bears will return to action after Spring Break when they travel to Barren County High School on April 15th. The Bears next home meet will be on May 2nd and will include Senior Night recognition.


See Full Results Below: 


With 17 events scored, both Butler County teams came out on top:




1) Butler County 67 

2) Grayson County 65

3) University Heights 26




1) Butler County 77.50 

2) University Heights 48

3) Grayson County 44.50


In the Girls 4x800 Meter Relay, Butler County’s team, made up of Emma Winchel, Briley Webster, Harlie Chapman and Harmony Taylor came in second with a time of 11:56.00, to Grayson County’s team, with a time of 11:27.00. 


In the Boys 4x800 Meter Relay, Butler County’s team came in first. The team, made up of Parker Smith, Case Hooten, Ryder Harbaugh and Landon Henderson had a time of 8:55.00 with Grayson County coming in second at 9:26.00. 


In the Boys 110 Meter Hurdles, Gage Beasley came in first place of three, with a time of 18.60.

In the Girls 100 Meter Dash, out of 9 competitors, Taylor Leach was the winner, with a time of 13.73. Addison Tyree came in 6th with a time of 15.56 and Karlie Whittinghill at 9th, at 17.71.


In the Boys 100 Meter Dash, Clay Steff was 8th out of 11, with a time of 13.10.


In the Girls 4x200 Meter Relay, Butler County’s team of Carlie Cardwell, Briley Webster, Ann Marie Skaggs and Taylor Leach beat out two Grayson County teams with a time of 2.00.03, compared to Grayson County’s 2.09.00 and 2.12.00. 


In the Boys 4x200 Meter Relay Butler County’s team of Gage Beasley, Luke Laughing, Ryder Harbaugh and Kyle Chambers were also in first place with a time of 1.37.69, ahead of two Grayson County teams at 1.49.22 and 1.50.59. 


In the Girls 1600 Meter Run, Emma Winchel, Harmony Taylor, and Anna Moore won 2nd through 4threspectively, out of 4, with a time of 6:34.00, 6.52.00, and 8.54.00. 


In the Boys 1600 Meter Run, Parker Smith, with a time of 4:39.00 and Case Hooten, with a time of 4.59.00 placed 1st and 3rd, out of three. 


In the Boys 4x100 Meter Relay, Butler County’s Clay Steff, Miles Embry. Kane Justice and Thomas Martin came in first with a time of 50.56 ahead of Grayson County’s 51.60. 


In the Girls 400 Meter Dash, out of four, Briley Webster earned 2nd place with a time of 1:12.47 and Audrey Belcher in 4th with a time of 1:23.63. 


In the Boys 400 Meter Dash, out of six, Kyle Chambers places 2nd, Landon Henderson 4th, and Carson Davis 5th at times of 51.97, 57.85, and 58.50, respectively.


In the Girls 300 Meter Hurdles, Carlie Cardwell placed third, out of 3, with a time of 56.87.


In the Boys 300 Meter Hurdles, Gage Beasley came out on top with a score of 42.56. Of the other five competitors, Kane Justice came in 4th with a time of 50.66 and Miles Embry came in 6th with a time of 54.78. 


In the Girls 800 Meter Run, out of five, 2nd place was awarded to Emma Winchel, 2.51.00, 4th to Harlie Chapman, 3:17.00 and Emma Givens in 5th, 3.28.00. 


In the Boys 800 Meter Run, Thomas Martin scored 4th out of 4, with a time of 2:34.00. 


In the Girls 200 Meter Dash, Addison Tyree placed 6th out of 7 at 33.25. 


In the Boys 200 Meter Dash, Kyle Chambers placed 2nd out of 9 at 24.19 and Carson Davis 4th at 25.85. 


In the Girls 3200 Meter Run, Harmony Taylor time was 15:03.00. 


In the Boys 3200 Meter Run, Parker Smith’s time was 11:58.00 and Case Hooten’s was 11:59.00. 

In the Girls 4x400 Meter Relay, the Butler County team placed second out of 4 with a time of 5:15.00. The team is comprised of Ann Marie Skaggs, Briley Webster, Audrey Belcher and Emma Winchel. 


In the Boys 4x400 Meter Relay, Butler County placed 1st with a time of 3:48.00. The team is comprised of Gage Beasley, Ryder Harbaugh, Landon Henderson and Kyle Chambers. 


In the Girls High Jump, Ann Marie Skaggs placed 1st out of 5 at 4-08.00, Carlie Cardwell tied for 2nd with a runner from Grayson County at 4-04.00 and Taylor Leach, 4th at 4-02.00. 


In the Boys High Jump, coming in 1st out of 5 was Luke Laughing at 5-10.00, Carson Davis in 3rd at 5-02.00, and Clay Steff tied with a runner from Grayson at 4-10.00. 


In the Girls Long Jump, Carlie Cardwell came in 1st out of 5 at 14-02.00 and Taylor Leach tied with a runner from Grayson County for third place at 11-03.00. 


In the Boys Long Jump, Clay Steff placed 6th out of 8 at 17-00.25 and Carson Davis placed 7th at 17-00.25.


In the Girls Triple Jump, Ann Marie Skaggs placed 1st out of 2, at 30-05.50. 


In the Boys Triple Jump, Luke Laughing scored 3rd out of 5, with distance of 37-00.00. 


In the Girls Discus Throw, out of 8, Bella Easley placed 1st at 74-03 and Karlie Whittinghill 7th, at 49-06.75. 


In the Boys Discus Throw, out of 7, Brayden McCoy placed 2nd at 74-00 and Corbin Warren placed 5th at 67-00. 


In the Girls Shot Put event, out of 10, Bella Easley came in 1st at 29-07.25, and Karlie Whitinghill came in 8th at 18-05.00. 


In the Boys Shot Put event, out of 5, Brayden McCoy came in second at 25-02.50 and Corbin Warren came in 4th at 24-08.75. 


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