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Bear Academy underway for local students; about 316 students taking part in summer program

To address learning concerns from the Covid-interrupted 2020-21 school year, the Butler County School District currently has over 300 students taking advantage of summer learning opportunities.

The "Bear Academy," the district's summer program, averaged about 316 students each day last week and it has gotten off to a good start.  

With the start of summer break, the Butler County School District has offered nine days of instruction through the month of June.  Assistant Superintendent Josh Belcher, school administrators and teachers, have worked hard to make sure the Bear Academy is meeting the learning needs of students.  Unlike a significant portion of the 2020-21 school year, the Bear Academy is a 100 percent in-person model, which district education leaders feel is extremely important for learning.  

Planning for Bear Academy has taken place since January, thus ensuring the lessons will be targeted and purposeful to meet the students' needs.

“Several hours of planning and lesson/assessment creation has taken place throughout the process,” said Assistant Superintendent Josh Belcher.   

For kindergarten to eighth grade, there are three priority standards being utilized for lessons.  As for those on the high school level, a more traditional credit recovery model is being used.  This model is being used due to the fact credits must be completed for each grade and to eventually graduate high school.

Mr. Belcher credits teachers and principals for their efforts in calling, visiting, and supporting the families of the students. 

The Bear Academy is employing around 50 certified staff members, bus drivers, and nutrition employees. 

“We appreciate those staff members for going above and beyond,” said Belcher.    


Story by Jordan Dockery, Beech Tree News.



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