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BCQB Club to host "Hillbilly Jim" at Meet the Team Night

The Butler County Bears football team will host "Meet The Team Night" at 6 p.m. this Thursday, August 16th at the BCHS Field House.  Hillbilly Jim will be the guest speaker.  This is sponsored by the Butler County Quarterback Club and Wha Bah’s Steakhouse.   Autographs will be available.  The event is free to the community, however, the Butler County QB Club will be selling BC football t-shirts, BC Bears Flip Flops and Slides,  as well as concessions.   The BCQB Club is also very excited about the new Brick Walkway in front of the Field House with the Butler County Bear. 



Can someone post pictures of the t-shirts and other items been sold with the price included and a phone number or place we can buy these. Thanks.
Lynn, I believe I have your email and I will forward pics of these that I have with me today. I will also try to have the pics of these downloaded to our FB page. You can like our FB page which is Butler County Quarterback Club. Our email is [email protected] 2011 T-shirts are only $5 but we only have a few sizes left and this year T-shirts are $10. You can pre-order flip flops and they are $20 and slides are $25. We will have these at Meet The Team Night tonight at 6 pm.

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