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BCMS Softball honors 8th Graders

The Butler County Middle School Softball team regonized their 8th grade players Tuesday night.


Jaycee Crank #22

Parents Ashley and Jeremy Crank

Position Played: Right and left field

Years played: 2 years


Lydia Brown #12

Parents Brandon and Jennifer Brown

Position Played: right and left field

Years played: 3 years


Jordan Embry #16

Parents Jake Embry and Sherry Combest

Position Played:  2nd base

Years played: 2 years


Skylar Schroeder #5

Parents Chad and Robin Johnson, Scotty and Lynette Schroeder

Position Played:  3rd base, outfield, and catches

Years Played: 3 years


Madison Baker #18

Parents Monte and Tabatha Baker

Position played: outfield

Years Played: 1 year


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