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BCMS Hosts Technology Fair

"Old Car" by Ashley Mudd

The Butler County Middle School Technology Fair was held Thursday, December 15, at the school.  The event is part of the school's Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP), which is coordinated by BCMS teacher Sherlyn Bratcher.  Other co-sponors of the program are teachers Latisha Cardwell, Pam Fazel, Carissa Poston, Leslie Shultz, and Miriam Taylor. 
With dozens of students participating across multiple categories, the technology fair was a huge success, according to Bratcher.  The different entries were displayed throughout the school with judging taking place from 12:30 to 2:30.  Parents and the community were able to view the entries between 3 and 4 p.m.  Award winners (top two in each category) were announced and certificates given at 4:15. 
Below is a list of each category and its top two winners:

"Butterfly" by Daisey Fireston

Designed Graphic
     1st - Hayden Johnson
     2nd - Katie Manning

Original Photo
     1st - Maranda Pierson
     2nd - Ivan Beasley

Original Art
     1st - Ava Tuck
     2nd - Mason Howard


"Colors" by Hayden Johnson

Photo Manipulated
     1st - Daisy Firestone
     2nd - Ashley Mudd

Digital Music
     1st - Isaac Pendley & Robbi Henderson
     2nd - Tori Hampton & Jenna Hawkins

Geek Squad Ready (web design)
     1st - Madison Ford, Kane Gott, Gracie Grubb, Evan Johnson & Olivia Jones
     2nd - Mason Howard & Easton Phelps

Technical Writing
     1st - Allie Easley
     2nd - Tori Shain


"Kitten" by Ivan Beasley

Digital Storytelling
     1st - Madison Wells
     2nd - Olivia Neighbors & Maranda Pierson

     1st - Madison Wells
     2nd - Abby Coomes

PSA Video
     1st - Ashlynne Brooks & Ivy Donaldson
     2nd - Abby Coomes, Annebelle Cooper & Emily Wallace

Feature Video
     1st - Lydia Bratcher & Shelby Palmer
     2nd - Mikayla Iler, Hannah McClelland & Hannah Perry

     1st - Olivia Neighbors & Maranda Pierson
     2nd - Ashlynne Brooks & Ivy Donaldson

Fundraiser (one 1 could advance)
     1st - Mikayla Iler, Hannah McClelland & Hannah Perry

Poster Theme
      1st - Calesta Childress
      2nd - Shawnna Hunt

Original Work (Animation)
     1st - Shandi Lindsey & Hannah McKinney
     2nd - Ethan McCombs & Kenyon Sutherland


"Snail" by Maranda Pierson

According to Bratcher,  the pieces will be judged and the top 8-10 from around the state will be invited to state competition.

Judging the BCMS Technology Fair were teachers Anita Cardwell, Latisha Cardwell, John Embry, Pam Fazel, Boyce Flener, Kim Flener, Paige McKinney, Carissa Poston, Amy Smith-Thomas, Leslie Shultz and Miriam Taylor.

"We're extremely proud of our students for their hard work in the technology fair," said BCMS Principal Jeff Jennings.  "Our students and staff did a great job in organizing this important education activity for our school." 



Great job to the BCMS STLP students and the teachers who work with STLP.

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