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BCMS GRVC Runners Up

BCMS got to do the honors of hosting the GRVC Tournament on Saturday, September 29th.  Both 7th and 8th grade teams advanced to the championship.  7th grade was the number 2 seed and faced off against a very good Edmonson County team. Earlier in the season, the 7th grade was dominated by the Wildcats and even though they didn't get the win on Saturday, they played a much better game this go around.  The score wouldn't reflect the Bears hard fought effort, but it was there just the same.  The Bears executed their game plan well and were able to keep the ball most of the first half.  I couple of key fumbles by the Bears at crucial points in the game made all of the difference.  The Bears lost to the Wildcats with a score of 22-0. 

The 8th grade team was the number 1 seed in the bracket and went up against the Hancock County Hornets. The 8th grade team struggled to get anything going offensively or defensively throughout most of the game. On a couple different occasions, the Bears seemed to gain momentum but just couldn't capitalize.  Some days are tougher than others on the football field and this just proved to be one of those days for the Bears. The Hornets, whom the Bears had beaten earlier in the season, came out on top Saturday with a score of 16-0.  

The 8th grade team isn't finished yet though.  They won the first round of the State Tournement at Russell County and head into Round 2.  They will play Saturday, October 13 at 6 pm at Warren East.


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