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BCMS basketball, cheerleaders host recognition night

BCMS 8th grade cheerleaders and parents

Monday night, January 14, was 8th grade recognition for the Butler County Middle School boys' basketball team and cheerleaders.  Eight basketball players and fourteen cheerleaders, along with their parents, were honored in between the 7th and 8th grade game against Bowling Green Home School.

BCMS 8th Grade Basketball Players:

Blake Graham, son of Steve Graham and Lori Graham.

Baylee Anderson, son of David and Lynn Anderson.

Kyle Casey, son of Terry and Wanda Casey, and Christi Stewart.

Kaleb Casey, son of Terry and Wanda Casey, and Christi Stewart.

Ty Burden, son of Wayne and Teresa Burden.

Thomas Cherry, son of Steven Croxton and Linda Croxton, Leslie Meador and Billy Meador.

Kaleb Hunt, son of Bryan and Kristie Hunt.

Chandler Franzell, son of Chris Franzell and Rebecca Shumway.


BCMS 8th grade boys' basketball players


BCMS 8th Grade Cheerleaders:  

Ivy Donaldson, daughter of Cody and Megan Donaldson (and Piper)

Alyssa Pace, daughter of Kathy and Stan Pace.

Macy West, daughter of Brad and Kim West.

Hayden Johnson, daughter of Jeff Johnson and Robin Coley.

Kendra Dockery, daughter of Dede and Brad Dockery.

Shelby Palmer, daughter of Denny and Missy Palmer. 

Breyley Shumway, daughter of Jason and Rebecca Shumway.

Aspen Arnold, daughter of Eddy and Lisa Arnold.

Lydia Bratcher, daughter of Chris Bratcher and Heather Martin (brother Peyton Bratcher)

Lauren Tyree, daughter of Gerald and Heather.

Gracie Deel, daughter of Joey and Kathy Deel (brother Dawson Deel).

Katie Gail West, daughter of Richie and Kaylah West (brother Ross West).

Bailey Renfrow, daughter of Laura Vanover and Brad Renfrow.

Haley Hope, daughter of Brian and Angie Hope.  





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