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BCHS: Worst-case scenario - school loses 1 custodian, 1 secretary, and 3 teachers

The Butler County High School SBDM held a special-called meeting on Thursday afternoon at the Butler County High School Library.  All members - teachers Darryl Dockery, Dennis Robbins, and Stacha Murphy; and parents Christal McKinney and Rhoda Chism, as well as Principal Patrick O’Driscoll were present. 
The agenda contained only one item - presentation of Butler County High School funding. Mr. O’Driscoll presented the preliminary proposed budget changes for BCHS. 
“The worst case scenario for the high school is the loss of one custodian, one secretary, and three teachers,” said O’Driscoll.  "One of the three teachers will be a math teacher; we are overstaffed in the math department and a little over in the science department.”
Intinerant teachers - those working at more that one school -  were also discussed.
According to O’Driscoll, there will be no cuts in programs, classes, or sports.  He feels everything can be covered.  “I am currently working with Mrs. Rose, BCHS counselor, and we can work this out.” 
O’Driscoll expressed concerns over duties that might have to be covered without extra labor."
Butler County High School teachers currently have 90-minute planning periods.  O’Driscoll suggested that planning periods may have to be cut in half to provide coverage for extra programs such as Read 180, Math Enrichment, Credit Recovery and ICE.
“We will do what is best for our students,” said O’Driscoll. 
According to O’Driscoll, the Board of Education gives the high school its staffing numbers and then the school's SBDM determines the programs and classes.   The principal then places individual teachers in those positions.
The SBDM voted to go into closed session to discuss personnel. No action was taken following the closed-session portion of the meeting. 


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