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BCHS Football hosts 2018 Awards Banquet

The 2018 Butler County High School Bears' football awards banquet was held Thursday, January 24th at the BCHS Commons Area. Players, parents, relatives, and friends were in attendance to honor the 2018 squad.  Head Coach Brandon Embry was the master of ceremonies and had a "thank you" list that ranged from boosters, parents, family and coaching staff for all the support.

Senior class members include Alex Rich, Dawson Carroll, Logan Inglis, Kane Neighbors, Michael Elmore, Logan Binion,  Hayden Durbin, Aaron Bratcher, Keaton Diaz, Tyler Yates, Weston Merritt.

Junior class members are Koby Warren, Ethan Lawrence, Warren Cameron

Sophomore class members are Jacob Cox, Bryar Beasley, Landon Binion, Keagan Ford, Trevor Jones, Carson Carroll, DR Roberts, Bo Kirby, Zack White & Josh Morris.         

Freshman class members are Brody Hunt, Trenton Bryant, Ian Moore, Walker Inglis, Jagger Henderson, Solomon Flener, Salem Fleming, Zack Roberts, Luke Laughing, Austin Mahaney, Carson Miller, Alex Elmore.

The following awards were given based on season ending stats in categories.

Offensive Lineman of the Year: (Senior- Logan Binion)

Offensive Back of the Year: (Junior- Ethan Lawrence)

Offensive Receiver of Year: (Senior- Keaton Diaz) & (Frsh.- Solomon Flener)

Most Offensive Yardage Year: (Freshman-Jagger  Henderson)

Defensive Lineman of the Year: (Senior- Alex Rich)

Defensive Linebacker of Year: (Junior- Warren Cameron/ Sr. Tyler Yates)

Defensive Back of Year: (Senior Dawson Carroll/ Soph. Josh Morris)

Special Teams of the Year- (Senior-Hayden Durbin)

The Troy Tuck Award: (Senior- Michael Elmore)


The Troy Tuck Award first began in 1983 and is given each year to a player based not only by on the field performance but off the field charter and responsibility. The late Troy “Sally” Tuck was a long-time football booster of BCHS; forming the first ever Quarterback Club in Butler County.  The award is named in his memory and long noted contributions to BCHS Football.


Each class was also recognized with certificates for academic excellence. The KHSAA recognizes the following: KHSAA All State Honorable Mention awarded to those with a GPA of 3.25-3.74; then KHSAA All State Academic First Team to those with a GPA of 3.75-4.00


The night ended with Coach Embry’s "thank you" to so many who made contributions to help the BCHS Football Program of 2018. Local merchants and businesses, and a list of so many behind-the-scenes parents and boosters. The future of BCHS Football is promising and will continue to grow and improve.


KYHSAA Honorable Mention - GPA of 3.25-3.75 

From left to right: Ian Moore, Luke Laughing, Solomon Flener, Jacob Cox, Michael Elmore, Weston Merritt 

KYHSAA GPA of 3.75-4.00

From left to right: Josh Morris, Bowen Kirby, Landon Binion, Bryar Beasley, Carson Carroll, Jagger Henderson, Brody Hunt, Alex Rich 

Logan Binion - Offensive Lineman of the Year 

Ethan Lawrence - Offensive Back of the Year 

Keaton Diaz - Receiver of the Year 

Solomon Flener - Receiver of the Year 

Alex Rich - Defensive Lineman of the Year 

Josh Morris - Defensive Back of the Year 

Dawson Carrol - Defensive Back of the Year 

Hayden Durbin - Special Teams MVP

Jagger Henderson - Most Offensive Yards

Michael Elmore - Troy Tuck Award

Not Pictured: 

Warren Cameron - Linebacker of the Year

Tiler Yates - Linebacker of the Year

Senior Class

Back Row left to right: Logan Inglis, Logan Binion, Alex Rich, Weston Merritt, Keaton Diaz, Michael Elmore 

Front Row left to right: Kain Neighbors, Hayden Durbin, Dawson Carrol

Not Pictured: Tiler Yates

Junior Class

Left to right: Ethan Lawrence, Kobe Warren 

Sophomore Class

Left to Right: Zack White, Bryar Beasley, Landon Binion, Carson Carroll, Jacob Cox, Keegon Ford, Trevor Jones, Bowen Kirby, Josh Morris, Dylan Silcox

Freshman Class

Left to Right: Ian Moore, Austin Mahaney, Luke Laughing, Brody Hunt, Jagger Henderson, Solomon Flener, Alex Elmore, Zack Roberts




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