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BCHS Boys' Soccer

The Butler County High School Boys' Soccer team is in full swing.  The Bears (0-3) are a young team but the future looks bright.  Head coach, Nate Noble is in his first year as the high school coach.  Former BCHS soccer player, Landon Hampton is the assistant coach.

Pictured above, front row:  Evan Johnson, Chase McCoy, Noah Bailey, Daniel Lindsey, Danny Cowan, Chris Coleman, Cameron Price, Cameron Joiner, Ernest Lee
Back Row:  Head Coach Nate Noble, Kenneth Johnson, Matthew Thomas, Jackson Washer, Josh Davis, Zeb Pendley, Caiden Cardwell, Zach Deweise, Amit Hajari, Assistant Coach Landon Hampton


Aug 14, 12    Franklin-Simpson  home     1     - 7            
Aug 23, 12    Ohio County     away          0     - 9         
Aug 25, 12    Meade County    away        0     - 10             
Aug 28, 12    Logan County     away       7:00 PM    
Sep 1, 12      Meade County     home     12:00 PM    
Sep 11, 12    Grayson County   home      7:00 PM    
Sep 13, 12    Warren East     away           7:00 PM    
Sep 15, 12    Clinton County     home      12:30 PM    
Sep 17, 12    Warren Central    away         6:00 PM    
Sep 18, 12    Muhlenberg Co.   away         7:00 PM    
Sep 20, 12    Logan County     home         7:00 PM    
Sep 22, 12    Apollo                away          6:00 PM    
Sep 27, 12    Warren East        home        7:00 PM    
Oct 1, 12       Muhlenberg Co.   home        5:30 PM    
Oct 4, 12       Grayson County   away         5:30 PM


Photo by Tiffany Jones, Beech Tree News



I just want to say how proud I am of the soccer team. They are very young and still in a rebuilding phase. They may not have a winning record but they never give up, no matter what the score is. We could all learn from them.
I am proud of the team too, they try really hard and keep on pushing no matter what. They are young and are learning. Hopefully more people will get involved with Soccer next year. Good job boys!

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