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BC Students recognized in 2023 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Congratulations to the following students for their recognition in the 2023 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, presented by Jerry E. Baker Foundation, for the following work(s):

Art Awards:


Honorable Mentions:


Spencer Cox-Sculpture, "The curse of the witch miniature".

Bailee Proctor-Digital Art, "Artistic".

Bailee Proctor-Digital Art, "Digital Personalized" 

Aer Sells-Digital Art, "Purple"

Pheonix White-Drawing & Illustration, "Liam"

Pheonix White-Drawing & Illustration, "Marcus"

Evelyn Burdette-Ceramics & Glass, "Mushroom"

Silver Key:


Aubrey Logsdon, Silver Key-Fashion, "Indigo".

Writing Awards:

Honorable Mentions:


Pheonix White-Poetry, "A Bloody Illusion".

Pheonix White-Poetry, "Sunshine Lover".

Silver Key:


Agnes Otey-Short Story, "Masquerade Massacre".

Pheonix White-Poetry, "A Light in the Dark"

Pheonix White-Poetry, "Splattered Emotions"

Gold Key & American Voices Nominee:

Aer Sells-Critical Essay, "Police Brutality Hurts Black Americans".

Gold Key works automatically advance to the National Level of judging in New York City, National Medalists will be announced on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.  


Due to limited space in the gallery, only American Visions, Gold Key, and Silver Key pieces will be displayed at the exhibit.  Gold or Silver Writing awards will have their work printed and displayed at the museum, also.  They will be honoring all Gold Key & Silver Key award recipients and educators on Saturday, May 13th, 2023 at 11am-1pm Central Time, with the awards ceremony beginning promptly at 11:30am at the Downing Museum, 4801 Morgantown Rd. in Bowling Green, KY 42101.  There will be limited seating available for guests, students, and educators.  If weather permits, they will host awards outdoors.    Works will be on display for viewing at the museum through May 27th.  


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