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BC Sheriff's Department & KSP Join Forces in Operation BLUE Lights

Operation B.L.U.E. Lights is the summer enforcement campaign for the Kentucky State Police that began June 1 and is picking up speed as it sweeps across the state. The campaign is designed to bring attention to unsafe driving behaviors in an effort to offset the recent spike in traffic deaths on Kentucky roadways. The Butler County Sheriff's Department will join KSP in conducting traffic safety checkpoints in Butler County during the period of July 1 thru July 30, 2012. During the checkpoints officers will be enforcing laws related to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, licensing of motor vehicles and operators, registration and insurance violations, seat belt and child restraint violations, and motor vehicle equipment violations.

B.L.U.E. is an acronym designed to remind drivers to focus on these driving-related attributes:

B = Basic traveling safety and vehicle maintenance

L = Lower speed in work zone areas

U = Undivided attention on the road & look for motorcycles

E = Enforcement of speed, DUI and occupant protection

Traffic Safety Checkpoints are a valuable tool used to promote the safety and well being of the public as well as providing police with visibility and interaction with the community. Checkpoints are utilized throughout the Commonwealth to help promote highway safety.

"If we see you without a seat belt, you will get a ticket no matter where you are," said Chief Deputy Heath West.

The checkpoints will be located in the following places:

US 231 near William Natcher Parkway Ramps

US 231 and KY 70

US 231 and KY 403

US 231 and south side of Green River

KY 70 and 411

KY 70 and 185

KY 70 and 1117

KY 70 and B & R Lumber

KY 70 and KY 79

KY 79 and 626

KY 79 and McKendree Chapel Rd

KY 79 and Voting House Rd

KY 185 and Doc Parrish Rd


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