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BC School District set to receive over $7 million in state funds for facilities

BCHS, MES, BCMS, and the ATC expected to get significant HVAC upgrades


With the 2024 Kentucky General Assembly in its closing days, the Butler County School District is in line to secure a huge funding win due to an appropriation in House Bill 1, which will fund state government for the next two years.  The measure has been sent to the governor, who is expected to sign it into law.


 In an email sent to staff earlier today, Butler County Schools' Superintendent Robert Tuck made the announcement.  


"Butler County got another big victory by working with Representative Rebecca Raymer and Senator Stephen Meredith.  Through the process of conversation, data sharing, and tours of our district, they recognized the needs we have across the district and stood up and supported Butler County.  They both put additional financial support for facilities as their #1 ask for this session," said Tuck.  "Representative Raymer and Senator Merideth worked extremely hard, in conjunction with our district team, to help get Butler County an additional $7 million dollars to help with construction updates.  We will receive this over the next two years.  We plan to finish up the high school HVAC renovation and then move over to Morgantown Elementary School to begin working on their HVAC needs."  

Below is a summary of the priority list the district worked on with Representative Raymer and Senator Meredith.

 Butler County identified as priorities the following:

1.)  Butler County High School Gymnasium - 2 of 4 units not functioning and unable to heat or cool - $1 million,

2.)  Morgantown Elementary - rooftop units not functioning, classroom ventilators not functioning, boiler and pump equipment at the end of their useful lives being 45 years old - $3.2 million,

3.)  Butler County Middle School - rooftop units not functioning and unit ventilators not functioning necessitating stacking straw bales in front of them in the wintertime to prevent from freezing - - $2.75 million,


4.)  Butler County ATC - rooftop units not functioning - $150,000. 


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