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BC Girls' Fall Softball League:Lunachicks win championship


The Butler County Girls' Softball Fall Season has wrapped up with the Lunachicks winning the championship 11-9 over the Pink Panthers.  The Pink Panthers gave them a run for their game and placed 2nd.  The Babes came in 3rd and the Hotstix finished in 4th place.

Pink Panthers

"We have gone from t-shirts and shorts all through the fall season until last week … and then this week we sported extra long-sleeves, jackets and possibly some had on their long johns," said Kim Cunningham, a league official.  "I am very proud of all of the girls that played … great athletes form the youngest to the oldest."   

According to Cunningham, it took a team effort to make the fall season a success.  

"I am proud of the parents and everyone who got the girls to their practices and to the games. Thanks to the coaches for not being too abusive on me this season and thanks to Amy and Jeff for having to deal with some flares of emotions," said Cunningham.  "We have had a long, well-deserved season and each player is a winner."   


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