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B.C. Foster Care hosts Santa's Lil Angels pageant

Girls (5-7 years):  1st place - Jenna Brooke Tomes, age 5, parents Brandon and Deana Jo Tomes;  2nd place - Mollee Gail Neighbors, age 7, parents Eddie and Emilee Neighbors;  3rd place - Parker Reese Willoughby, age 6, parents Travis and Ashley Willoughby

Smiles were all around and the Christmas spirit was in the air on Saturday, December 6, for the 2nd annual Santa's Lil Angels Beauty Pageant sponsored by the Butler County Foster Care Association.  The event was held at Butler County High School  and featured "Christmas Attire Only."  

Participants competed in several different age groups.  For girls, the age divisions were 0-6 months, 7-12 months, 13 months-2 years, 3-4 years, 5-7 years, and 8-12 years.  For boys, the age groups were0-6 months, 7-12 months, 13 months-2 years.  Awards were given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each age group, although one category was extended to 4th place.  1st place winners received a crown/scepter, a sash and large trophy.  2nd and below received a smaller trophy.   

Christina Brown, president of the Butler County Foster Care Association, was the pageant coordinator.  

Wanda Nevins was emcee for the pageant and she spoke about the need for more foster care families in Butler County.  

"Butler County is in dire need of foster families.  New classes start January 15 in Bowling Green and it is a 10-week course," said Nevins.  "More families in Butler County means less disruption for children and families.

According to Nevins, all money from the pageant goes to the Butler County Foster Care Association to help families in Butler County.  

To inquire about the classes or foster care in general, please contact Michaelle Johnson at 270-526-3833.

Girls (0-6 months):

1st place - Emma Rylnn Clausen, age 5 weeks, parents Kristen Givens and Dillon Clausen


Boys (0-6 months):

1st place - Chevi Levi James Neighbors, age 4 months, parents Eddie and Emilee Neighbors

2nd place - Landyn Lee Thompson, age 6 weeks, parents John and Stacie Thompson

Girls (7-12 months):  

1st place - Norah Scout Gabbard, age 8 months, parents Wil and Brooke Gabbard

Boys (7-12 months):

1st place - William Joseph Myers, age 7 months, parents Bill and Ketrina Myers

Girls (13 months-2 years):

1st place - Ariannah Rife, age 2, parent Tiana Rife

2nd place - Mary Morgan Morris, age 13 months, parents Cyle and Heather Morris

3rd place - Trinity Stewart, age 22 months, parents Cindy and Ross Stewart

Boys (13 months-2 years):

1st place - Corbin Brown, 13 months, parents Valarie and Cory Brown

Girls (3-4 years):

1st place - Talynn Reese Wood, age 4, parents Britney and Chad Wood

2nd place - Jessalynn Johnson, age 4, parents Chris Johnson and Sarah Johnson

3rd place - Charlie Rose Neighbors, age 3, parents Eddie and Emilee Neighbors

4th place - Madilynn Mae House, age 3, parents Matt and Ashlee House

Girls (8-12 years):

1st place - Trinity Martin, age 9, parents Holly Pedigo and Willie Martin

2nd place - Avery Gleason, age 9, parents Paula and Scott Gleason

Tamara Kitchens models the latest B.C. Foster Care t-shirt, which promotes its cause.


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Story and photos by John Embry, Beech Tree News. 


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