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BC Drug Free - Tobacco Facts Quiz

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about tobacco from May articles.

1. The addictive ingredient in tobacco is called ______________.
a. Nicotine b. Methane
c. Snus d. Arsenic

2. Tobacco can be smoked, __________, or sniffed.
a. Injected b. Chewed
c. Swallowed d. Eaten

3. Cigarettes contain poisonous ingredients, such as ________________.
a. Arsenic b. Formaldehyde
c. Butane d. All of the above

4. ____________ is a lung disease caused by smoking.
a. Emphysema b. Snuff
c. Nicotine d. Ammonia

5. Which is NOT a type of smokeless tobacco?
a. Snuff b. Cigar
c. Snus d. Chew

Answers: 1.A ; 2.B ; 3.D ; 4.A ; 5.B


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