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BC Drug Free Facts

JUUL is a very popular e-cigarette among youth at this point in time.  What is scary is that most teens don’t actually understand what a JUUL really is and the long-term consequences of its use.  The liquid that is in a JUUL pod is NOT “harmless water vapor”.  It contains many dangerous chemicals, one of which is nicotine.  When a teen uses a JUUL, they are setting themselves up for a nicotine addiction, and the high probability that they will become a lifelong smoker of regular cigarettes.  Teens are very sensitive to nicotine’s addictive effects because their brains are still developing, and will continue to develop until about the age of 25.  Because of this, it makes it much easier to get hooked to these products.  They can even “rewire” their brain to become more easily addicted to other drugs as well.  NO amount of nicotine is safe for adolescents!!



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