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BC Board Meeting: Superintendent Tuck encourages school and community partnership

The Butler County Board of Education met in regular session on August 5 at 6:30pm at the Early Childhood Training Center. All members, Amy Hood, Delbert Johnson, Debbie Hammers, Richie Ellis and Ryan Daugherty were in attendance.

Prior to the meeting, a public hearing took place, open to hear public comments regarding a proposed general fund tax levy of 41.4 cents on real property and 42.5 cents on personal property for FY 23. There were no public comments. Then, at 6:00, the BCBOE met in special session to approve the tax rate increase.

In the regular meeting, several items were discussed and approved including the minutes from the previous meeting as well as the treasurer’s report, overnight club travel and club fundraising.

Superintendent Robert Tuck’s report was filled with praise as he commended the work of the Family Resource Center Staff and teachers at MES and NBES for the success of their respective Ready Fests and at the Happy Feat event saying that great connections were made with students and parents at these events. He also noted the success of the BCS New Teacher Breakfast and the BCS EdCamp, where BC staff led learning and collaboration sessions for other staff. Tuck also highlighted the formation of the Butler County District Leadership Team, which is comprised of both school district employees and community members as well as his recent interview on WLBQ’s Out on a Limb, citing the importance of the school district and the community working in partnership for the success of Butler County’s students. Tuck also shared his 30-60-90 Day Professional Growth Plan. Various other BC Board of Education staff also shared reports. Numerous items were approved on the consent agenda, including faculty and student handbook for the 2022-2023 school year for all schools as well as bids for foodservice, grants and other items.

The next regular session meeting of the Butler County Board of Education will be held on September 13 at the Early Childhood Training Center.


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