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BC Archery recognition and season kick-off

Archery has been very active in the Butler County School System for the last five years, and this season promises to be another great one.  Practice are held at the Butler County Extension office.   

Brady Jones, a freshman, did an excellent job of announcing all the team members from the four different schools -nNorth Butler Elementary, Morgantown Elementary, Butler County Middle School, and Butler County High School.

BCHS Archery Team

BCMS Archery Team

NBES Archery Team

MES Archery Team

Coach Michael Vinson received a pie in the face, with lots of cheering from the parents and archers  He coaches the North Butler team and they raised the most money Thursday night.

Cody Givens coaches the Morgantown Elementary team; Wesley Jones coaches the middle school; and Bobby McKee coaches the high school team.

All the coaches and assistant coaches work well together and the archers are well behaved and very attentive to the coach's directions.

Tournaments start soon and schedules will be posted on Beech Tree News.


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