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BC Animal Shelter Teams With FiXiT Foundation

The Butler County Animal Shelter and the FiXiT Foundation are working together to encourage the spaying and neutering of cats.  The mission of the foundation, according to its website is "to end overpopulation of companion animals by developing a system to support and promote incentive-based spay/neuter programs and produce solutions to bring spay/neuter to everyone."

That is a goal the Butler County Animal shares, which is why they are promoting a spaying/neutering special on cats for the month of January.

According to Franklin "Puppy Dog" Morris, director of the BC Animal Shelter, the foundation is neutering male cats for $12 and $5 for rabies shot with the neuter.  Female cats can be spayed for $25 and $5 for rabies with spaying.

Morris encourages the community to contact the shelter at 270-526-2694 so we can schedule what day is the best for them. Then , those with cats needing the service can come in, pay in advance, and complete the necessary paperwork.

The cats will be brought here one morning and picked up the same evening at about 5 p.m. 

With people generally more interested in adopting dogs, resulting in a large number of cats at the shelter, Morris said he was just trying to get a "good start on the new year."  However, he acknowledges that this initiative won't solve the problem overnight.

"This won't take care of it right of way but it has to help in the future," said Morris.  

The Butler County Animal Shelter is located at 463 Boat Factory Road in Morgantown.  


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