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Baseball-size hail, damaging winds strike Butler County

Mt. Olivet Missionary Baptist Church

Althought not as severe as in other parts of Kentucky, a series of storms rolled through Butler County and southcentral Kentucky on Friday causing some damage.  There was sufficient storm damage in the Quality area of Butler County on Friday.  The roof was ripped off a barn on Hwy. 106, hail damage was reported, and trees and power lines were blown down. Locally, no injuries from the storms were reported.

“Here in Butler County, we have proof of strong, straight-line wind damage, baseball size hail, and a potential brief tornado spin-up around Old Big Springs Rd, near Quality.  I have an arrangement to contact the NWS, and hopefully they'll conduct a storm survey and determine if a tornado was possible,” said Landon Hampton, Beech Tree News Meteorologist. 

Hampton spent Friday storm chasing and came back with some great pictures.  He also called in to WLBQ 1570 for live updates from the road.

"Have a look at the following photos, in which my chase partner Lee Campbell took Friday, as we chased this cell that possibly produced.  The photo's are of Mammatus Clouds, and the rotating base as it crossed the Butler/Logan County line," added Hampton.



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