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Barren River Health Department Presents Tobacco Free Signage to School District

Karla Coles, Kathy Thweat, Supt. Scott Howard, and Angie Burden

Butler County Superintendent Scott Howard accepted tobacco free signage for the district during the Youth Service Center Advisory Council meeting on August 30th at the Butler County Educational Complex.


Kathy Thweatt, MSPH Health Educator II, with the Barren River Area Health Department received a grant from the Kentucky Department of Public Health to purchase non-smoking signage in support of House Bill 318 for local school districts.

House Bill 318 created a new section of KRS Chapter 438 to define terms; prohibit use of tobacco products by students, school personnel, and visitors in schools, school vehicles, properties, and activities; require policies to be in place by the 2019-2020 school year; require that smoke-free policies and signage be adopted; provide that existing bans are not impacted; repeal KRS 438.050.

 Eight school districts choose to participate in the posting of the signage in the Barren River District.

 "We want to thank the Barren River Health Department for the signage and all they do for our district," said Howard. 

Thweat oversees Community Health Promotion for Butler, Logan and Simpson County for the Barren River Health Department.





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