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BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2022-2023: Students resume classes August 10

Although summer is roughly at its halfway-point, summer break for students is gradually coming to a close. Butler County Schools are set to start the 2022-2023 school year in a little over two weeks.  The first day for students is Wednesday, August 10.


For a copy of the school calendar, click here: 22-23_Schedule.pdf

For a copy of the bus routes, click here: Bus_Routes.pdf


The Central Office staff and their positions are as follows: 

Robert Tuck - Superintendent

Josh Belcher - Assistant Superintendent - Chief Academic Officer/DPP

Shirley Baize - Secretary to Superintendent & FRAM Coordinator 

Donna Annis - Director of Instruction & Community Support 

Myra Swift - Director of Exceptional Education & Response to Intervention

Chad Flener - District Assessment Coordinator & Federal Programs

Eric Elms - Chief Financial Officer

Travis Johnson - Assistant Finance Officer

Hayden Johnson - Director of Human Resource/Payroll

Karrie Robbins - Account Manager & Treasurer 

Kaitlin Harrison - Director of School Nutrition

Jimmy Felty - Director of Technology & Energy

Brad Baize - Computer Maintenance Technician

Ryan Emmick - Director of Transportation/Maintenance/Safety

Cindy McCoy - Secretary of Transportation/Maintenance/Safety


The 2022-2023 Butler County School District Board Members are:

Rich Ellis – First District

Debbie Hammers – Second District

Amy Hood – Third District

Delbert Johnson – Fourth District

Ryan Daugherty – Fifth District


Principal Ben Wilson and Assistant Principal Lexi Belcher

The 2022-2023 SBDM members for North Butler Elementary School are Ben Wilson, Jennifer Scott, Kassie Decker, Jessica Willoughby, Jessica Johnson, and Misty Gabbard.

For a copy of North Butler Elementary School’s supply list, click here: NBES_Supply_List.pdf


Principal Hunter Gary and Assistant Principal Toby Turpin

The 2022-2023 SBDM members for Morgantown Elementary School are Hunter Gary, Jan Embry, Kelsey Allen, Ashlee Daugherty, Tiffany Keown, and Jennifer Davis.

For a copy of Morgantown Elementary School’s supply list, click here: BCMS_Supply_List.pdf


Principal Tim Freeman and Assistant Principal Cody Donaldson

The 2022-2023 SBDM members for Butler County Middle School are Tim Freeman, Adra Skaggs, Monica Thornton, Amy Robbins, and John Embry.

For a copy of Butler County Middle School’s supply list, click here: BCMS_Supply_List.pdf


Principal Stoye Young and Assistant Principal Ryan Humphrey

The 2022-2023 SBDM members for Butler County High School are Stoye Young, Carissa Poston, Dennis Robbins, Kayley McMullan, Catron Burdette, Delia Burns, Joseph Henderson, and Courtney Maxfield.


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