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ANIMAL ABUSE: Dog dies after airway constricted

For animal lovers, the unthinkable has happened to a dog in Butler County.  Someone partially constricted the dog’s airway and dropped him off in the Rochester area. Last Friday, Mike Porter of Rochester, received a call from the local ferry operator saying he had seen a black boxer, he thought, walking around that was in need of care.  Mike, and his wife Kathy, are known for their compassion toward animals in the county. 
“I thought he was talking about the black and white boxer that someone had dropped at the bait shop in Rochester and we had already found that dog a home,” said Porter. 
Then we started getting other calls about the black dog, so Kathy and I starting driving around looking for him," said Porter.
The Porters found the dog on Monday afternoon.  Someone had constricted the dog’s airway causing his head to swell and preventing him from eating. 

“When I picked him up his body was bones and his head so large he was top heavy,” said Porter. 
Porter took the dog to Dr. Ayer in Hartford, Kentucky.  Once the constriction was removed the dog was treated and was able to eat a few bites of food and drink.  Dr. Ayer discovered the dog had a fractured tracheal.  She was planning on doing surgery on Thursday but the dog died Wednesday night. 
A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the abuse of this animal.



This is absolutely repulsive! I hate to see anyone or anything abused, although children and animals top my list. I hope that someone comes forward and tells who did this. If you can do this to an animal, what can you do to a human?
Anyone who would do this is not a person, they are a monster.
I am a dog lover & this breaks my heart!
When we allow things like this to go on is there any wonder why people in other nations call this country 'the Great Satan'? Deplorable. There is a special 'place' reserved for the person that did this in the afterlife.
I hope this isn't ignored. Every effort should be made to find and prosecute the person or persons who committed this act. A person who could abuse an animal can also abuse a child - think about that. Police department, sheriff's department, please don't think of this incident as happening to "only an animal". This dog has suffered, it hurt the same as you would hurt and it had no means to take care of itself. Take the opportunity to make a difference - treat this as the crime that it is!
this is so sad. animals should be treated with respect. although they are "just animals" in some people's eyes they are still a living, breathing thing that GOD placed here. I pray that whoever did this, is caught and pays the price. If you dont like animals or cant take care of them properly, then dont get one. simple as that.
Omg I hope they figure out who did this...
This goes to show that we need stronger animal protection laws here in Kentucky. If this person is caught, they will not suffer as this poor dog has. This Dog deserves. JUSTICE!!!! The sad thing is he is just one of millions who end up like this. SHAME ON YOU WHO EVER YOU MAY BE....KARMA WILL FIND YOU.
I think this is something all should see I have posted this to my facebook. I do not want this to be out of sight out of mind. People cant change things if they don't know
This is such a sad thing to see or hear. Why would someone do something so cruel. It breaks my heart to see that! I hope someone is punished for this act of cruelty!!!
The person needs to be found and thrown in jail after he is beaten! This is just sick! People now dyas have no respect for themselves or animals.
I just can't imagine how someone could do this to a precious animal. It truly breaks my heart! I hope they find whoever did this and make them pay. If I had my way they would suffer the same way they caused this animal to. There is absolutely no reason for something like this to ever happen. If you don't want to treat an animal the way it should be treated then don't get one. I can't imagine the pain and torture that this animal went thru in its last days. I just hope it knew that someone cared enough to try and help it. Thanks to Mike and Kathy Porter for doing this.
This is absolutly the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I say find the evil person who did this, and do the same to him/her. Eye for an eye. If people were made to suffer the deeds they do, this CRAP would stop!!!!!!! Hold people accountable for thier actions!!!!!!
Hats off to mike and kathy for showing there love for dogs
Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond. The pictures you see do not adequately depict the extent of the injuries because the worst pictures were just too graphic to post. The majority of the details were withheld at our request because we did not want to give another perverted person out there any ideas. This was a calculated, malicious, horrible crime that should be punished. The suffering this animal endured for weeks maybe months- as it died a slow, painful death is unimaginable. If you heart is not broken by what you know, believe me if you could have seen this dog in person, it would be. We brought "Chance" home and buried him alongside our beloved pets so that at least in death he would be near someone who would have cared for him and loved him if we had only found him in time. Please, let me urge you if you know or suspect and animal is being neglected or abused - call the sheriff - take it to the shelter - do something to help! It's only when more people get involved that we can stop these horrors.
I am sorry you had to witness something like this and I'm sure Chance wouldv'e greatly appreciated your care for him. You are so true!
So sad. I will never understand this kind of cruelty to animals. If people do not want a pet, at least have the compassion to find it a new and loving home without trying to kill the poor animal.
You are a sick individual an I Hope somebody does this to you
I finally was able to see the pictures,I knew of Mike and Kathy's search and I looked up and down Silver City and Silver City-Huntsville road and beyond.People very often leave animals cats and dogs off around us as they tire of them as they grow out of that cute ball of fur and have a personality.Accidents happen when they do not let them out leave them tied to a kitchen table leg or crated all day....It is so sad to see these cast off animals let out of cars waiting alongside the road anxiously wagging their tail at the next car hoping it is the one that dropped them off back to pick them up the look in their eyes is heartbreaking! Please do not take an animal in until you understand what it entails! It is like taking care of a small child that loves and adores you and only wants to please you. The person who did this will DO the same to a small child or another human being! God is who this person will answer too but I so hope it is soon before whoever it is kills anymore of God's creatures ...including humans!
This makes me furious and heart broken! Dogs have unconditional love for us and they are by soldier's sides and help in rescue for us as humans. This is horrid. I hope this person is found and has to pay. There is not enough punishment that can be given for this in our justice system. The person responsible for this needs the same done to them!! A special thanks to Mike and Kathy for the love that they showed this baby (Chance) and for the respect they gave Chance by buring him by their beloved pets you both will be rewarded for you kindness and love. Please if anyone has any information on the person responsible please do what is right and come forward with it.
This is so sad to hear that it could happen in our home of Butler County. The law needs to find out who done this and there needs to be justice for this innocent dog. Our county does a poor job of protecting the animals in this county from neglect and abuse. I would love to see an animal investigator hired for our county. People who do something this hateful could do something just as bad to a human too! There should be high penalties for these crimes in our county, because this just leads to other crimes. Unfortunately the law does not care.

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