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Andy Sullivan and Against The Grain Productions presents: The Big Dummy Awards 2019

It’s time once again for the annual Big Dummy Awards. Fred Sanford has arrived and

he’s ready. Let’s get started, shall we?

I usually countdown from 10 to 1. This year, however, why not start off with the,

whatever would be the opposite of the cream of the crop. The crumbs of the crap?

In November, Disney and Apple debuted streaming services. This pushed traditional

streamers like Netflix back more than a few notches. They’re already losing Friends(the

show will be dropped from the platform in 2020), and apparently they aren’t

influencing many people. There are more services coming as well. Disney has pulled

most of its library from Netflix to their own service. They paid $100 million to retain

The Office for just one more year. Netflix has seen loads of show cancellations this year

as well. It makes you wonder where they’re headed? Choppy waters, most likely.

Jussie Smollett: C’mon, now! I can hear Jamie Foxx saying “Lord have mercy” about

Smolett. Why bring up Foxx? Why not? His race-based attack hoax became a national

story for weeks. Politicians even got involved. Even after being outed as a fake story, it

continued to run for weeks! That’s a big dummy if ever there was one in my book! But

will he take the crown?

Staying with Hollywood, we go from the numerous misogyny lectures disguised as

movies, from the massive loser that was the 6.0987 th Terminator movie(it seems that

way) to the horrible Charlies Angels and Men In Black(sans Will Smith and Tommy Lee

Jones) sequels or prequels or whatever, they were all pretty rough. In fact, MIB failed to

break $100 million summer 2019. Do better, Hollyweird.

Probably the biggest Hollywood loser(s), though, is Cats and everyone involved. Who

thought this was a good idea? Anytime I get wind of a movie with tons of heavy-hitters

involved, my first thought is “Oh no! This is going to be bad” Usually they use a line-up

of big stars to cover up something awful. From a much-ridiculed musical number where

Rebel Wilson dances with cockroaches(you read that right) to well, actors in cat

costumes(isn’t that enough?) this just screams “stay away”.

Rather than single out one big dummy in Hollywood, let’s do something unprecedented.

The Big Dummy Award for 2019 goes to(drumroll, please)……Hollywood!

Congratulations? My New Year’s wish is that 2020 is better for you.


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