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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

This years Big Dummy Awards will be a bit different.  Instead of taking the dumbest news stories and/or individuals and counting them down, here are the 10 dumbest things to have happened in 2022: Grammar Edition.

When I first read this headline, I didn’t get it.  In fact, it took a bit.  The headline is: The vice president’s dance moves.  This was a text exchange: texter 1: “Like and comment on my IG.  Texter 2: I never comment.  Texter 1: Ugh! You need to so my post goes up in the al gore rhythm”. 

This next one is a simple case of hitting the wrong button.  “Anyone have a heavy Judy drill they could lend me 2Mara for an hour plz”.  Clearly, they meant heavy duty.  Happens to the best of us.

This next one falls under the category of important relationship reminders.  It is: Never take your partner for grandad.  

In the category of “food description gone wrong: butter poached lobster lingerie with hollandaise sauce and asparagus topped with poached egg. 

“If ya boyfriend died & his family ain’t put you in his a b*tch you worried…would you be mad”? Clearly, they were going for the word obituary.  Also, I apology to my English teachers who probably had a stroke trying to read that. 

Here’s another I probably should apologize for in advance.  Sorry but it’s funny: “nothing like 3 dollars a dam gallon for gas good hell this is ass nine”.  I mean, if you don’t see more than a few errors there. I can’t help you.

“Why is it called a green reaper if it’s black”? “Hey there, pal.  I think you misheard the term.  It’s supposed to be Grim Reaper”.  Here’s another good one.  “English is not a language.  It’s 3 half languages in a trench coat trying to act like a regular language.  That’s why we have so many cinnamons.  Cinnamons? Synonyms”?

What’s a chair that only looks out for itself? A black mesh egomaniac chair.  The one place you don’t want salt. Salt in the womb? I think you mean “salt in the wound, buddy”.  What is the most dangerous musical instrument? Violent.  Here’s a goal we can all aspire to when I graduate, I wanna be my class valid Victorian. 

A Queen’s legacy: she saw the rolling 20’s, the great depression, WWII, Vietnam War to video games, iPhones and computers”.  “Bro, what is the rolling 20’s”? Of course, he was referring to the Roaring ‘20’s. If you’re wanting a few more, head to and look for “dumbest things so far in 2022”.  Thanks for reading throughout the last 12 months.  Have a Happy New Year and I’ll be back in 2023! Below are my podcast links.   


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