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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Happy New Year! 

I used to write a list of things I wanted to do in the new year.  It was always “do this”, “do that” or “don’t do this” or “stop that”.  I stopped that practice years ago when I realized it all boils down to one thing: just do your best.  I do have one goal for 2022 and, for some, it might seem a simple goal.  Even for me, last year I wouldn’t have had a need for this to be a goal.  

I’m a proponent of lists.  Instead of Monica Gellar, you can call me Manica.  Perhaps number one on my list should be “beware of potholes”. Oh, did I not tell you? I hurt my foot bad back in November. Got fitted with a boot.  The general resolution is just to be a better person.  I think we could all hag our hats on that one.  Other than cleaning out my Hopper to 7%, I do not recommend this injury.  Cross that one off the invisible bucket list, I guess.

I did just recently start season 2 of my podcast Blendertainment.  That’s one positive. I do have a follow-up doctors’ appointment in a few weeks (unless it’s rescheduled again, of course).  Maybe I can finally put the boot in my foot and ankle injury hall of fame with my foot brace from a few years ago.  Also, maybe I’ll try being a little more careful.  That should probably be one of my resolutions.  

Do you have any resolutions? Do you write them down? Whether you do or just take it day by day.  Catch me here next week ad we’ll see if we’ve broken any already! 

Ps: if you’d like my Betty White tribute, check out the season 2 premiere of my podcast Blendertainment, available wherever you get your podcasts.  


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