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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

September means fall.  Fall means football.  A few years ago, I would’ve added that fall means festivals but, you know.  Thanks, Covid.  Last weekend, college football kicked off.  This weekend, it’s the NFL’s turn.  I usually do fantasy football but we decided as a group to bow out this year.  That was fine by me.  I only got to the playoffs and the championship game once in the many years we’ve been playing.

Now I can just watch football as a fan and not think about “this guy needs to score 20 for me to have any chance at winning”! The Tennessee Titans kick off their season at noon Sunday on CBS against the Arizona Cardinals on CBS.  Kentucky’s next game is Saturday night on SEC Network against Missouri. Western Kentucky’s next game is against Army on CBS Sports Network.  Fans have gameday rituals.  For decades, mine has always been to wear a team t-shirt corresponding with whichever favorite plays that day.  If it’s Saturday, I’m wearing a UK shirt.  If it’s Sunday, I’m wearing a Titans shirt.  I do the same for basketball.  So yeah, I’m probably a superfan.  I do the same if I’m watching a wrestling pay-per-view.

Do you have the same rituals? I’d be willing to guess that some, if not most, of you do.  Next month, we’ll get into UK basketball and not bring up last season AT ALL!

Next week, I’ll get into Fall tv.


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