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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

I’ve found a new love! This new love challenges me like no other and I love it! What’s her name? Cast.  Podcast.  I met podcast back in November of 2020.  Pod had exactly what I was looking for and didn’t know I needed.  That is, a separate media platform to share my thoughts.  I can be myself with Pod.  Sometimes I’m a little left of center.  Pod doesn’t mind.  Pod encourages my left of center ways. 

I named my podcast Blendertainment.  I treat Pod with the utmost respect and spend plenty of time.  I’ve learned quite a bit since beginning this journey last November.  First, and this sounds obvious but it’s not easy for some, you’ve got to talk pretty loud.  You don’t have to scream but you can’t whisper, either. Find a happy medium and stick with it. 

The second thing you (or at least I) need to do is write a copy of what you’re going to talk about.  Even if it’s just an outline with keywords and phrases, anything helps.  I usually write mine in my notes function on my iPad and record on my phone.  When I started last year, I could barely do 30 minutes.  In fact, my first few were 15 minutes, tops. 

After you decide on what you’re going to talk about and after you record your podcast in a plain-spoken, clear and loud(but not too loud) voice, you need to get your podcast out there.  The great thing about the app I use, Anchor, is that it does that work for you.  It’ll get you heard on Spotify, Apple and a bunch of other podcast platforms I hadn’t heard of before last year. 

Pod has taught me a lot over the past half year.  One can only imagine the adventures that lay ahead


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