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Andy Sullivan; Against The Grain

Are you guys familiar with Leslie Jordan? He surprisingly skyrocketed to fame over the pandemic via his Instagram page.  I had not even heard of him before then.  I had seen him before but wasn’t aware.  He was on Will & Grace where he played the nemesis to Megan Mullally’s Karen Walker.  I occasionally watched the show but not enough to be like “hey! Look who it is”!

Leslie continued his television career with a role as Sid in The Cool Kids.  The show ran from October 2018 until May 2019.  The veteran actor was at home with his mother at the start of the coronavirus pandemic when he started actively posting on social media.  “I posted twice a day for 80 days”, the 65 year old Emmy winner says.  As he told , “a friend called from California and said, “you’ve gone viral”, and I said “no, I feel fine”.  Leslie says “it’s a bit taxing because I have to come up with something.  Now I’m down to once every three days but it was pretty amazing”.  Perhaps his social media fame played a hand in him getting a spot on Mayim Bialik’s “Call Me Kat”, that debuted on Fox this past Sunday.  The show moves to Thursday this same week followed by Last Man Standing.  Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory are technically back together.  Jim Parsons and Mayim are co-producers on the show.  Might Jim appear on the show? Hmm….

So there you have the unlikely resurgence of Leslie Jordan. If you’d like to stream some of Leslie’s old stuff, I see online that Cool Kids is now on Hulu, YouTube, Fox and iTunes streaming services.  Last time I checked, however, it was not on Hulu.  Maybe things have changed.  


If you have not checked out Call Me Kat, do so.  The show is only one episode in so it’s easy to catch up.  And go follow Leslie on Instagram: thelesliejordan.  I’m not going to end my column with his catchphrase but I promise you or someone you’re quarantined with will say it plenty.


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