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Andy Sullivan: Against The Grain

Sirius XM radio has become massive over the years.  But did you know that Sirius and XM were two different companies that merged? I was surprised to learn this when I was listening to ‘60’s on 6 last week.  The two companies merged in February 2007 valued at $13 billion, with debt of $1.6 billion.  

XM shareholders each got 4.6 shares of Sirius common stock for each share of XM stock.  Combined, the companies claimed 2006 revenues of $1.5 billion and approximately 14 million subs.  Mel Karmazin was named CEO of the new company with Gary Parsons, XM chairman, becoming chairman, Hugh Panero, CEO of XM, continued in the post until the merger closed. 

Sirius was formed in 1990.  XM radio was founded by Jon Levin and Gary Parsons.  It has its origins in the 1988 formation of the American Mobile Satellite Corporation, a consortium of organizations originally dedicated to satellite broadcasting of telephone, fax and data signals.  In August 2011, SiriusXM announced that the company would start offering a personalized interactive online radio experience.  My SXM debuted on April 15, 2013, allowing users to fine-tune over 50 existing Sirius XM channels.  MySXM is available to all Sirius XM subscribers.  

You’re already aware of some of my favorite Sirius channels.  I listen to Little Steven’s Underground Garage a lot.  Classic Rewind, ‘70’s, ‘80’s and eve deeper channels you can only get on your phone, such as 70’s Xtra, ‘80’s Workout and new ones added all the time.  


So, this Thanksgiving, or anytime really, kick back, relax and turn on some SiriusXM and enjoy! 


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