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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Welcome to Whose Quarantine Is It Anyway: where everything is made up and the days don’t matter.  Formerly, if I missed a workout, I’d be lamenting it.  “Well, I’ve got to make that time up”.  That was a decade or so ago.  These days it’s more like “eh, it’s just a few minutes lost.  It’ll be ok”.  Young Andy would go a little extra to make up the time.  41-year-old Andy chalks it up as time served. 

Something else I’ve noticed about getting older is that you care less about embarrassing yourself.  Is that just me? It’s nothing for me to pick up my guitar, record myself playing a Beatles song and post it.  Granted I usually just post to Facebook instead of YouTube.  I used to post to YouTube and share to Facebook.  Ever since I got an iPad, it’s fast enough and updated enough that I can just post straight to Facebook without having to go through YouTube.  I keep thinking that, after all this is over, that I’ll go through my iPad and maybe put all those videos on YouTube. 

With age comes wisdom, right? I have discovered that to be true.  I’m more methodical now.  I don’t just run full-on at things.  That can be taken literally as well as metaphorically.  I broke a toe once by literally running to fast and turning a corner too soon.  See, sometimes I am not that smart. 

To sum up. A few things I’ve learned as I enter year 41: don’t worry about making up a lost workout.  It’s ok to give yourself a grace period.  I guess you could say it’ll all work itself out.  Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself anymore.  I think the older you get, the more that filter fades away. 


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