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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Whenever we finish a television series, we are usually left with a sense of “now what”. That’s especially true in the binge era we’re currently in.  This virus has ramped up our binge viewing.  The latest series to make me feel this way was Brockmire.  After 4 seasons, the IFC comedy had its series finale last Wednesday night. 

Fans of the Simpsons are familiar with Azaria’s work.  He’s voiced countless characters over the show’s run: Apu, Moe The Bartender just off the top of my head.  He also played David, Pheobe’s scientist boyfriend on several episodes in the early years of Friends.  

So now what? Well there’s a plethora of shows and movies to watch.  Thank God for streaming services, am I right? Also, the Dish movies have been watched in abundance.  Last night we watched the latest adaptation of Call Of The Wild with Harrison Ford.  He’s one of those actors that you just can’t go wrong with.  Just don’t get on an aircraft he’s flying. 

So what do we watch next? What do we eat next? I’m sure that’s a universal question these days.  The good news is my DVR has not seen 30% in weeks! Yes, I make a game out of it.  How long can you keep your DVR under 30%?? You can let me know in the comments if you want.  See, you can make a game out of everything!


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