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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

I might’ve made a mistake.  I know it’s hard to believe.  I’m a pretty hardcore regimented runner.  I run an hour on the treadmil five days a week.  When I started running, I had an old pair of white New Balance that I used.  After those wore out, I had a brief run with Sketchers Go Run.  They might’ve been called Go Run but they were not for running.  They made my toe bleed so they were eliminated in short order.

I think I went back to my old New Balance and just put a new sole in.  Eventually, the soles and shoes got in such bad shape that I needed to go on the hunt once again.  This time, I was introduced to Brooks running shoes.  Being that these were specifically made for running, it was a no-brainer. 

They lasted quite a while.  I noticed the other day, however, that one shoe was starting to come apart.  I went on the hunt for a new pair.  I went straight to the Brooks website.  I should’ve just chosen a pair right then and ordered.  I didn’t.  Instead, I mulled over the decision.  I went to Bowling Green one day and thought, “I wonder if anyone up here would have Brooks running shoes”? Dick’s Sporting Goods had them, so that’s where I went. 

They had several pair.  The issue was, I had Brooks Ghost 10 previously.  They did not have any Ghost selection.  They did, however, have the Adrenaline series.  I tried those on and walked around in them.  I also jogged in place.  They felt good to me so I chose them.  Never mind the soles you run on looked totally different.  I disregarded that and got them.

The next day was my inaugural run in my new shoes.  The first few minutes felt a little weird.  I told myself they started to feel a little better.  Lots of red flags that I chose not to see, right? Hey, I needed new running shoes.  Instead of doing the logical thing, I bought on a whim.  Here’s a tip: don’t do that.  My left ankle still hurts. 

There you have it: my running shoe cautionary tale.  It’s not just running.  This could go for anything.  Always stick with what you know.  As far as a temporary remedy? I’m going to take a pair of Nike’s down to run in.  I can’t run in ankle breakers. 


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