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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Oh, You Didn’t Know

You can learn a lot by listening to Sirius XM.  You can learn a lot by listening to the radio in general.  For instance:

“Stairway To Heaven”, one of Led Zeppin’s most known songs, was never released as a single. Therefore, the song never charted.  Promotional copies for radio still exist, as I learned on Sirius XM 70’s on 7. 

Every artist has to get their start somewhere, right? If you recall, I mentioned in my Martina McBride SKYPAC column that she once sold official merch at Garth Brooks concerts.  A few more: The Band (“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”, “Up On Cripple Creek”) started as Bob Dylan’s background band.  He chose them when he went electric. 

Ben E. King, best known for his song “Stand By Me”, sang lead on “There Goes My Baby” by the Drifters.  It’s probably no surprise that “Tears Of A Clown” was written by Smokey Robinson.  Well, that’s 1/3 true.  Henry Crosby was one of the three co-writers’  The third? That’s what might surprise you.  Stevie Wonder co-wrote “Tears of a Clown”.  I really had no idea he helped write the song.  60’s on 6 was where I gleaned that little nugget. 

I’ll end with this little nugget.  I’ve recently had to reduce my calorie intake.  A few of the things I’ve started doing is eating multi-grain and whole grain bread instead of just plain white.  Keep in mind, these are changes from what I’ve been doing all my life.  It’s difficult to start but once you get into it, it’s fine.  I’ve said all that to say this: Coke drinkers, do you realize that Coca-Cola has 240 calories in one 20 fluid ounce bottle.  There are 160 calories in a 2 liter bottle of RC.  There are 220 calories in one of those slim bottles of RC. This confused me.  The reason is serving size.  You’re more likely to chug an entire little bottle.  You’re probably not going to chug an entire 2-liter.  It wouldn’t be advisable.  There are 250 calories in a Coke bottle.  I’ve been drinking RC for years.  I switched to Coke Zero for cholesterol’s sake: no calories.  0 is better than 120 or 220, wouldn’t you agree?


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