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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

This week was the kickoff for most of the new fall series’ and episodes.  It also marks the end of an era.  Wednesday night, after nine seasons, Suits will air its series finale.  I didn’t get into Suits until the second season.  I’ve basically watched the entire series.  A few weeks ago, they re-aired the pilot episode.  If you watch, you know the story: Mike Ross fakes being a Harvard Law grad in order to get hired at what was then Pearson Spector Litt.  It has since changed so many times that I can’t even remember.

Fast forward nine years and now they have Faye Richardson(Who they’ve done a great job at making you hate in just ten episodes) as sort of a firm fixer.  Nobody likes her and they’ve been looking for ways to get her out as soon as she showed up.  As of now she’s still in.  Harvey Spector (I swear the smoothest tv character in a long time). 

For a law show named Suits, they rarely go to court.  Last season they might’ve been in court once or twice.  This final season has been more in-fighting than anything.  The Mike character has returned for this final season.  Patrick J. Adams is the actor who plays Mike Ross.  Gabriel Macht plays Harvey Spector, Katherine Heigl plays Samantha Wheeler, the former Meghan Markle(now Duchess of Sussex) played Rachel Zane, Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulson, Rick Hoffman played Louis Litt, Gina Torres played Jessica Pearson, Amanda Schull played Katrina Bennett, Psych’s Dule Hill played Alex Williams, Wendall Pierc played Robert ZaneDenise Crosby is Faye Richardson.  I won’t bother naming all the guest stars of the past nine seasons.  That’d be pages!

Having the Hopper really saves you from looking for shows and pressing record.  If you have Primetime Anytime, it does that automatically.  The void left by Big Bang Theory ending last season will likely be felt in a big way by CBS.  They’ve moved Young Sheldon into that Thursday 7 pm spot.  That means Jim Parsons technically still inhabits that spot.  Will the Sheldon Cooper character be the next Frasier Crane as far as longevity is concerned? Parsons is in year 13 of playing Sheldon.  Kelsey Grammar was Frasier Crane for 9 years on Cheers and 11 on Frasier.  Sheldon has a few years to catch up. 

Hawaii 5-0, Magnum P.I., Blue Bloods, A Million Little Things are just a few of the returning shows I watch.  MacGyver’s reboot is waiting until midseason to drop.  I’m thinking that’s not a good sign.  I could be wrong but I doubt it.  ABC is returning and debuting a lot.  American Housewife moves to Friday.  Looks like that’ll be a Hopper show for me.  The Conners’ return and the final season of Modern Family are other highlights.

Mixed-ish is probably one of the most talked about new ABC shows.  Fellow Saved By The Bell fans will recognize the dad.  That’s right, Zack Morris is a father! Well, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is playing a young Rainbow Johnson’s dad.  This is another show I’m anticipating.    Goldbergs, Schooled, the debut of Stumptown with How I Met Your Mother and Marvel movie alum Cobie Smulders-now I’m just sounding like a tv guide. 

I probably won’t be venturing to NBC a lot this fall but there is one returning show that I’m totally engrossed in-The Blacklist! I’ve loved that show since the series premiere.  That first year, I seriously thought of dressing up for Halloween again-as Raymond Reddington.  That is the one show whose season cliffhanger sticks in my mind.  Raymond went to another country for a clandestine meeting at night with his murderer ex-wife.  Anybody else spot the myriad of red flags(no pun intended)? Oh and I don’t think anyone else knew where he was going.  Then he meets with Liz’ mother(!) in a dark alley.  She sticks him and throws him in a car that drives away.  Quite the cliffhanger!   I’ve seen a preview of the season opener and…wow!

New Amsterdam premieres its second season on the night I write this(Tuesday).  Last season’s cliffhanger: there was a storm, Max(played by former Blacklist main Ryan Eggold), was attending to his ill wife who was in labor.  The ambulance ride to the hospital got railroaded.  Who survived the crash? We’ll see.

Wednesday is my ABC night.  NBC, however, has Chicago Med, Fire and P.D.  So if you watch those shows and have a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, you’ve got yourself a little theme.  Thursday is highlighted by the final season of the Good Place as well as Superstore, the series premieres of Perfect Harmony and SunnySide. 

Simpsons, Masked Singer, The Resident, final season of Empire sans Jussie Smollett, 9-1-1, Orville and one of my favorites, Last Man Standing, are all highlights for FOX.  Also a highlight for FOX, and something else I’m anticipating: WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

I always look forward to the Fall tv season because it means new episodes of all of my favorites, cliffhanger answers(that usually lead to more questions), and brand-new shows that may or may not last more than a month.  What will this season bring? Watch and see!


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