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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Monday September 16, I travelled with my family to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals defeat the Washington Nationals 4-2.  We arrived in St Louis(which is no small feat, btw) a few hours before game time.  There was just enough time to check into the hotel, get in the room and drop our stuff, then immediately walk to the ballpark.  By the way, it was slightly warm.  Some might say hot.

As soon as we got to Ballpark Village, we did have a little time to duck in for a bite to eat.  We knew we’d probably eat at the ballpark so we weren’t going to order big meals.  A plate of nachos, cheese bites with marinara dipping sauce and some potato skins rounded out the good eats.  But wait, there’s more!

The game itself was a good one.  I’ve been to games that weren’t good at all: blowout losses.  Those obviously are not as fun to attend.  Which would you rather attend: (a) game where your team wins and everybody goes home happy or (b) a game where your team gets blown out and most of the crowd goes home grumpy? Option A, right? Me too.

Ozuna, who I’ve nicknamed “Yok”, opened and closed the game on fire: home run to center in the bottom of the 1st and a ground-rule double in the bottom of the 7th.  Now, you might be asking why I’ve nicknamed Ozuna “Yok”.  See, there was a wrestler in the 90’s named Yokozuna.  Get it: “Yok” Ozuna?

My ballpark snack was something I never thought of putting together: donuts and custard topped with whatever you choose. What did I choose to put on top of my custard and donuts? Chocolate drizzle! The hot donuts mined with hot chocolate and cold custard is fantastic! I could literally see my doctor frowning at me. 

The following morning before we left, we had breakfast at the hotel: breakfast burrito with salsa. Potatoes, fruit, mini cinnamon rolls and orange juice for me.  It was good fuel for a long drive back from a great trip!


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