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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

This past Saturday, my church Sunday School class plus a few more went to see the new Lion King movie at Malco Extreme Theatre in Owensboro. The movie was fantastic! The graphics in this updated version are second to none!

I’d never been to the Owensboro Malco. You know when you get your popcorn and the person behind the counter has the control over the amount of butter they put on it? That’s not the case here. You get your popcorn and, off to the side is the area that you put butter on your popcorn, get your napkins, etc. Now it was time to make my way into the theatre where the movie was showing.

The aisles were very spacious. The reclining seats were something I was a huge fan of! They recline! Can you tell I was excited about it? If you’re asking, no I didn’t fall asleep. I won’t spoil the movie for those who haven’t yet seen it. You should all see it if you haven’t, though.

After the movie, we ate lunch at Raising Cane’s chicken fingers. That was my first Raising Cane’s experience. My former chicken finger rankings per restaurant was 1. Zaxby’s and 2. Chic Fil A. Now, Chic Fil A is #3. I’m not a fan of Chic Fil A’s breading they use on their chicken fingers and strips. Zaxby’s is at 1 and Raising Cane’s is at 2.

Before heading home, we stopped at Walmart and ice cream at Culver’s. It’s always good to have an outing with your church family. It’s rare to find an appropriate movie these days. It’s pretty great when you find one. I think everybody will be happy with this movie. Well, movie critics might not care for it. Seems like they don’t like much of anything. I believe you will though, as I did.


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