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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

I’m a sucker for music movies.  I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody, though I didn’t see it in theatre. I saw it at home courtesy of Google Play. The first time I saw the preview for the Elton John biopic Rocketman, I immediately wanted to see it.  Taron Egerton is fantastic as Elton John.  Bryce Dallas Howard is equally great as Elton’s mother Sheila.  Jamie Bell plays Elton’s musical partner Bernie Taupin.

There were a lot of things about Elton’s life that I had no idea about.  For example, his drug use.  Without giving any spoilers, I’ll just say that it might surprise you.  Granted, it was the 70’s.  70’s rock stars and drugs went together like cake and ice cream, honestly. 

You try not to compare one bio movie to another but I couldn’t help but see similarities to Bohemian Rhapsody.  First place I went was the drug use of both.  As I said earlier, though, it was the ‘70’s. 

Before the movie, I was asked where I wanted to eat.  Birthday perk.  I chose Five Guys burgers and fries.  You can’t go wrong with that place.  Well, unless you don’t like burgers.  The fries are great as well.  I have a friend who isn’t crazy about them and I’m confused.  Who doesn’t like those?

Post-movie is an interesting time.  The movie is a couple of hours so you’re sitting that long.  I’m honestly surprised my Apple watch didn’t tell me to stand up during the movie.  Anyway, getting up after being seated for a few hours is interesting.  You’re all wobbly.  Good thing they have those handrails.  Then you step outside.  Your eyes are conditioned to darkness and then….boom! You step outside and the sun assaults your eyes. 

When I got home, of course I had to pull up my Elton John Spotify playlist.  I was listening to it again today on the treadmil. That’s the signal of a good movie: you’re still thinking of it awhile after you’ve seen it.  I recommend Rocketman to anyone-especially Elton John fans.   


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