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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Life Hacks 2019

There are several things that you learn along the way as you pack for trips, whether overnight or extended stay.  This week, I’ll share my favorites.  These really make a difference.  They free up space and allow you to pack more, whether you need or want to do so.

1.Put cologne samples in your dresser drawers.  Pretty much every magazine these days has one (or several) cologne sample pages.  Sometimes, magazines I get are littered with them.  I used to just tear them out and throw them away.  That was until I learned this handy little trick.  Tear the unopened cologne strip off the page and out of the magazine.  Put said strip in your dresser drawer.  If you have enough magazines that carry cologne ads, put one in each drawer.  These will undoubtedly make your clothes smell better.  And hey, you can use these while packing for a trip as well.  Unless you want your clothes to smell well-traveled, of course.  

2.Roll your t-shirts instead of folding them.  I used to fold my t-shirts into neat squares.  Sounds great, right? It worked well enough.  It worked, that is, until I started noticing that I noticed I could fit less and less in.  I then got informed of a better way.  Now, I know that us guys usually stick to a certain way of doing things.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  I promise you, this way is a definite space saver.  Take your t-shirt, lay it face down, fold the arms back to the neck hole.  Then fold again.  After the second fold, roll up the t-shirt like you’re rolling a burrito.  Stick it in your duffel bag.  You’ll notice all the room that remains for all your other stuff.  You can also use this technique for shorts, socks and underwear.  

3.Speaking of socks and underwear, get you a little zip-up travel bag for your socks and underwear.  That way, if you don’t want to fold them, you don’t have to fold.  They’ll just fit right in there and you’re ready to zip up.  Easy.  

4.Take a garbage bag.  When the day is through and you’re about to shower, put your dirty clothes in the garbage bag.  No garment left behind! 

Bonus tip: take a little carry-on bag for flip flops. 

Hotel rooms especially are nasty, folks. There you have it: four simple tips that will not only make packing easier, they’ll also make unpacking easier.  I can guarantee you’ll have less of those “now where did I put that” moments.  Bonus tip: it’s ok to wear the same pair of blue jeans two days in a row.  Just the jeans, though.  Don’t be wearing the same pair of underwear for 48 hours! 



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