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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

First thing, I need to do a little housekeeping.  Last week, I did another installment of 50 Fast Facts but omitted the website from which the information is gathered.’ll-crush-your-boredom/ss-BBMlXq8?ocid=spartandhp  There you go.  And now, on with this week’s column.

Tuesday night, I travelled with a group from my church to the Felix Martin Jr. Hall in Greenville for Sanders Family Christmas: Smoke On The Mountain Part II.  The first thing that I noticed about this place was that it is, in my opinion, SKYPAC on a smaller scale.  Next, I’d remembered seeing this play several years ago in Paducah-different cast, of course.  

Smoke was written by Connie Ray and composed by Alan Bailey.  As can be found on , “Yes, indeed-Christmas time’s a comin’!!! Kick off the holiday season in musical style as we welcome back Badgett Playhouse with this Christmas themed entry in the wildly popular “Smoke On The Mountain” musical series.  

The play follows Reverend Oglethorpe and the Sanders family singers-Stanley, Burl, Vera, Dennis, June and Denise-as they gather around to say farewell to their only son Dennis as he prepares to go off to war.  The stage is December 24, 1941.  

If you get the opportunity, and if this play ever comes this way again in the coming years, I recommend finding a performance near you and going to see it.  It’s a good play and a good night out.  Sanders Family Christmas is full of music, meaning and fun.  


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