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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

I’m a gamer but sometimes I don’t get to my PS4 as much as I’d like.   Okay, maybe a lot of times.   Ever since I got my PS4 for Christmas, I was on the lookout for one of my favorite ‘90’s games, Bad Dudes.  Back in the day, Rochester had two stores- B & J Grocery-One of which carried Bad Dudes.  Problem was, the copies were almost always rented.  That speaks to its popularity.  I would try Boggess in Morgantown.  I soon struck pay-dirt! 

I immediately fell in love with the game.  What can I say? I was a typical boy.  Bad Dudes, Mike Tyson’s Punchout and Streetfighter were my go-to game rentals.  Occasionally I’d also get an ice cream cone when I stopped.  Ah, youth! Anyway, back to the game.  

Bad Dudes was released on the Nintendo in 1990.  I was 11 years old.  I spent many an afternoon after school and many a Friday night playing that game, trying to beat that game.  And I finally did! The elation one feels after beating a videogame is second to none.  All those hours of hard work, the cheat codes and everything else, finally paid off.  

I soon graduated to Super Nintendo.  I skipped out for a bit and returned to gaming for PlayStation 2.  I would then go back to Nintendo and get a Wii one Christmas.  After several years of going Wii, Wii, Wii al the way from home, I went videogame dormant once again.

Then came the PS4.  Once I got it and started playing, I soon discovered that I had gotten pretty bad at gaming.  I got beaten quite a bit.  Gone were the days of joystick/keypad and A, B buttons.  I guess my patience wears thinner as I get older.  Clearly I needed a tutorial.  Instead, I once again backed away for a bit.

I was still looking for that Bad Dudes game.  It was never made for any PlayStation unit.  One day, I finally found it online.  It was a mini game from MyArcadeGaming(   As soon as I turned it on and heard the old-school music and the game intro, I was taken back.  The gameplay is easy.  There is a headphone jack for late-night/doctor’s office waiting room play.  Just like the old arcade and Nintendo game, Bad Dudes from MyArcade is hours of fun! 


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